Criminal Law

In criminal proceedings with a medical/legal background, the "classic" accusation of medical malpractice (negligent physical injury or death caused by negligence) continues to be the most common of all.

However, medical criminal law has also become genuine commercial criminal law in the meantime: it is increasingly the case that doctors, pharmacists and hospital managers are accused of fraudulent billing. Furthermore, since the anti-corruption law came into force, cooperations within the health care system have been investigated for misconduct under corruption law.

We advise and defend doctors, pharmacists, psychotherapists and executives of clinics as well as companies within the health care sector in all areas of criminal law for the medical profession. Our work ranges from preventive preliminary advice, to representation vis-à-vis  public prosecutors' offices right through to defence in the main trial. In doing so, we always keep the important extra-criminal law aspects in view and take into account the impact of criminal proceedings, e. g. on civil lawsuits for damages, subsequent proceedings under professional and SHI-physician legislation and licensing law.

A regards clinics and companies, we also coordinate the defence and represent the interests of companies during criminal proceedings.