Professional Law Regulating Health Care Professions

Professional law is defined as the totality of standards governing access to and practice of the profession.

Regarding the healthcare professions with obligatory chamber membership (doctors, pharmacists, psychological psychotherapists, child and youth psychotherapists, veterinarians and dentists), professional licensing is carried out by the medical licensure based on federal legislation. Here we represent the healthcare professions in disputes about the medical licensure vis-à-vis the regional authorities and provide advise about questions on EU freedom of establishment in particular. One of the focal points here is also the procedure for revoking the medical licensure.

Professional practice regulates (above all) the Act on the Councils for the Medical Professions in the respective states and the ordinance law of the relevant healthcare profession chamber. Here it is especially worth highlighting the professional code, the continuing education and training regulations.

We represent the interests of healthcare professions vis-à-vis the relevant competent chamber and in proceedings before the healthcare professions courts (as long as there are no conflicting interests, cf. psychotherapists’ law); this applies in particular to problems surrounding continuing education authorisations, recognising periods of continuing education, patient complaints, accusations of medical malpractice and questions about the liability to pay contributions.