The combined use of telecommunications and IT (telematics) in the health care sector, is referred to as health telematics.

The rendering of medical services between physically separated participants while using health telematics, is considered “telemedicine”. Examples for this are telemonitoring for cardiac patients, the second assessment by a telepathologist or teleradiologist from another location in the world, or the doctor-patient email contact. Telemedicine plays a part in allocating expert knowledge “move the information not the patient”), facilitating cooperations or in ensuring ongoing support for the patient. The complete framework of health telematics is also referred to as “eHealth”.

We advise doctors, companies, associations and institutions with the implementation of telemedical projects e.g. electronic patient files, telemonitoring, teleconsultations or electronic prescription. The main questions that arise relate to data protection, liability, professional and fee legislation.

We review and draw up data protection concepts, analyse liability law risks as well as social welfare law problems resulting from telemedical services and develop proposals for solutions.