Physio Rehabilitation

Remedies according to § 32 SGB V are all medically prescribed services used for medicinal purposes or which ensure treatment success and may only be rendered by people with appropriate training. In particular, this includes physical therapy measures as well as services pertaining to voice, speech and language therapy and occupational therapy.
In order to provide remedies, therapists require a licence (§ 124 SGB V), which is issued by the state associations of the health insurance funds and the substitutional health insurance institutions. The further basic conditions and remuneration are regulated in supply contracts between health insurance funds and service providers and or their associations.
We advise and represent service providers and their associations on all questions pertaining to legislation on remedies, in particular in connection with approval procedures and the drafting and negotiation of supply contracts with health insurance funds or in the defence against repayment claims by health insurance funds for fees already paid.