Pharmaceutical Law

Strictly speaking, pharmaceutical law encompasses the law governing the distribution of pharmaceuticals (Medicinal Products Act, AMG), the advertising law for medical products and the narcotics law, other ancillary provisions and various sub-statutory provisions. In a broader sense, however, pharmaceutical law also comprises the regulations on distribution and pharmaceutical pricing, as well as social security law and the law governing private health insurance, insofar as they relate to the pricing and allocation of costs for pharmaceuticals. Pharmaceutical law is shaped by European legal specifications like virtually no other.

As regards pharmaceutical law, we mainly advise pharmaceutical companies, wholesalers, pharmacies, physicians and clinics. Our core competencies include market access and reimbursement via the statutory health insurance funds and private insurances as well as the distribution of pharmaceuticals and legislation on pricing at all levels of trade. Thanks to our broad expertise in physician and pharmacy law, we cover all aspects pertaining to the supply of pharmaceutical products including recourse against physicians and retaxation at (clinic) pharmacies.

We also comprehensively advise and represent our clients in procurement law and open house procedures relating to pharmaceutical discount agreements. Our portfolio also includes forward-looking assessment and advice on advertising and advertising concepts regarding pharmaceutical products. Furthermore, we advise and support health service providers on opportunities for cooperation with service providers and purchasers e.g. with software projects for pharmaceutical therapy.