Pharmacy Law

The pharmacies are responsible for ensuring the orderly care of the population with pharmaceutical products. The pharmacist manages a commercial trade on the one hand and has a liberal profession on the other. In particular, the provisions pertaining to the Pharmacy Act and the Ordinance on the Operation of a Pharmacy, serve to protect the special status of the pharmacist. 

We advise and support pharmacists in all legal matters relating to their occupation. Our field of activity includes legal advice when establishing a pharmacy, a pharmaceutical wholesale trade or production organisation, when acquiring main and/or branch pharmacies, in disputes with the regulatory authorities or the Pharmacists’ Association, in the formation of cooperations and in competition law litigation with competition associations and competitors (industrial property rights).

We also advise pharmaceutical dispatchers as well as hospital pharmacies and work for professional associations and associations of pharmacists.

As a major component in the supply of pharmaceutical products for patients with statutory insurance coverage, the pharmacist is incorporated into the law of the SHI. Retaxation of health insurance funds is on the increase. With our high level of expertise, we take objection and litigation proceedings before Social Courts on behalf of pharmacies.