Specialisation in medicine is continually advancing. That is why a modern health care sector such as that in the Federal Republic of Germany, is reliant on efficient cooperation structures. That has already been recognised and implemented by manifold doctors and psychotherapists: in 2016, 43.2% of them worked in professional associations or in ambulatory healthcare centres (health data from the National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians (KBV 2016)). Practice networks have been experiencing a comeback since the existence of legally prescribed financial support from the Associations of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians. But other healthcare providers are looking for a partnership, too: Hospitals cooperate with doctors and pharmacies within the framework of special care contracts (formerly integrated care), disease management programmes require all involved sectors to be willing to cooperate and the emerging outpatient specialist medical care, only works as part of interdisciplinary teams.

In the area of cooperations, we advise and formulate contracts for group practices, professional associations, device sharing alliances and joint laboratories, medical care centres, practice/doctor networks and management companies. We analyse our clients’ projects in light of regulatory requirements and draft corporate law concepts as well as the associated contracts. In the event of disputes in existing cooperations – one only has to think of a withdrawal from a professional association – we quickly find a fair reconciliation of interests, but do not shy away from vigorously asserting the claims of our clients in court proceedings as well.

Cooperations are not limited to “classic” health service providers. Pharmaceutical and therapeutic appliance manufacturers, medical supply companies, health care professions, care services, patient transport companies, innovative companies in life sciences and healthcare – in short, the entire health economy depends on collaboration for their economic success. We penetrate the legally complex framework conditions and provide cooperation projects with the necessary legal safety.