Hospital financing

In spite of the basic structure that has existed since 1972 and namely the division into equipment financing (health insurance funds) and investment financing (federal states), hospital financing has been characterised by a differentiated but not always consistent system of legal regulations since the introduction of the DRGs at the very latest. Legal requirements for hospitals are displaced by regulations of the Federal Joint Committee (GBA) and agreements of the self-governing partners at both state and federal levels.

In this field, we advise and represent hospital associations in disputes before the arbitration boards (for example: state base rate - LBFW) and hospital operators in complaints against guidelines and decisions by the GBA.

At the local level, we support hospital operators in budget negotiations, arbitration proceedings and, if necessary, subsequent processes on questions concerning the supply contract, surcharges and discounts (fixed-cost degression discount, centre and service guarantee incentives etc.), NUBs and in the case of quality specifications of the GBA (QBAA-RL, QFR-RL, MHI-RL etc.) including the specifications of the G-BA for minimum quantities (Mm-R). We represent hospital operators in claims for payment against health insurance funds, other purchasers and self-payers before the competent courts.